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U.S. Legal Support Services

Please note that these links are independent websites
and not associated with Personal Injury Lawyer Network in any way.

U.S. Legal Support Services- including Paralegal Services, Court Reporters, Investigator and Other Services

Advanced Surveillance Group

Private investigators providing surveillance, background checks and litigation support nationwide. We you need proof, contact A.S.G. All cases are strictly confidential.

American Immigration Center

Immigration and citizenship do-it-yourself kits, books and products for green cards, USA visas and US citizenship.

Arizona Court Reporting, Videographers for Depositions

Certified AZ court reporters. Legal depositions in Tucson (Pima), Nogales, Sierra Vista, Benson, & others. Deposition services, legal videography.

Expertpages Listings of Expert Witnesses

Expertpages listing of expert witnesses and consultants- most are prepared to serve in Hawaii.

Findlaw: Current Legal News

Findlaw Current Legal News - updated several times each day

Findlaw: Injury and Tort Law index

Links to statutes and laws, government documents, journals, mailing lists, law firms and other resources.

Fingerprint Expert Evidence

The fingerprint identification science is accurate, its practioners are not. Some alleged experts are fully trained; unfortunately in the USA some are not trained or qualified. Such a sad indictment.

Harbor America - Workers Compensation

Human resource, employee benefits, payroll, workers compensation, loss control program and more.

Hieros Gamos's Guide to Tort Law

Links to international organizations, national groups, publications, discussion groups, and other resources.

The Identity Theft Advisor

An online resource with information on identity theft - identity theft books and reports, credit monitoring, identity theft law, statistics, prevention and a free identity theft protection guide.

International Counterintelligence Services, Inc.

Private investigator agency founded in 1967, this agency has private investigators available 24 hours to answer your questions and provide free consultations or call 800.828.9198.

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A scene photograph with markings made or authorized by an eyewitness during his or her deposition to show the location of the impact involved in a motor vehicle accident is generally admissible in Hawaii and, even if the eyewitness does not remember the entire layout of the accident scene, the picture's exclusion by a trial court is normally grounds for reversal. See, Samson v. Nahalu, Hawai'i Supreme Court No. SCWC-10-0000102 (December 4, 2015).

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