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Hawaii Government Resources

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Government Resources located in the State of Hawaii, including State, City & County of Honolulu, Maui, Big Island of Hawaii resources

Center on Aging

U.H.'s Center on Aging

Dept. of Attorney General

Department of the Attorney General- Missing Child Center, opinion letters, news releases and more

Hawaii CARD Network

Online catalog for the LRB Library; Business Resource Center, DBEDT; Supreme Court Law Library; and Municipal Records and Reference Center.

Hawaii State Bar Association

Hawaii State Bar Association- Legal Resources for both attorneys and the public.

Hawaii State Legislature

The Hawaii State Legislature with links to bills, legislative documents, the House and the Senate

Hawaii State Public Library System

Hawaii State Public Library System

JABSOM Health Sciences Library

JABSOM Health Sciences Library

The Judiciary of the State of Hawaii

Hawaii State Judiciary with links to court opinions (case law), court rules, court forms, etc.

Medical Service Providers- Hawaii State Listing

Medical Service Providers- Hawaii State Listing

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Other Statistics & Publications from DBEDT

Other Statistics & Publications from DBEDT

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Do you ever wonder if a claimant should hire an attorney or "go it alone" on an accident case? Without an attorney, a claimant has no power to force an insurance company to do anything. According to page 5 of Allstate Insurance Company's own internal document entitled "Unrepresented Segment Training" (which was obtained in a lawsuit in Florida challenging Allstate's unfair claims settlement practices), "represented claims settle for 2-3 times more than unrepresented claims". You can see it for yourself here on page 5 (pdf page 4 of 7). If you review the rest of this pamphlet, you will see that some insurers, like Allstate, actually have training programs to teach their claims representatives how to best persuade claimants not to hire an attorney. Are you still wondering?

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