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To get a free initial consultation with Car Accident Attorney Hawaii:

1. You are strongly encouraged to call us (1) on the New Client Hotline at 808-524-5300, (2) on our Waipahu, Aiea and Pearl City number at 808-671-7600 or (3) on our main office number at 808-528-2525, in Suite 2902 of Century Square, 1188 Bishop Street in Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. During business hours you should be promptly connected with a New Client Intake Specialist (Sheri) and, if appropriate, she will take down information about your claims for further consideration by Mr. Lawson. This is the best way to get ahold of Car Accident Attorney Hawaii - William H. Lawson during office hours (M-F - 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (except holidays) - Hawaii Standard time).

However, if your contact is outside regular office hours Hawaii Standard Time, if you cannot reach anyone by phone after calling one (1) of the numbers above, or if you simply prefer to contact us by email, then you have the option to try to reach Mr. Lawson on his cell phone at 808-542-1166 or you may fill out the following form William H. Lawson, Car Accident Attorney Hawaii with the information requested (including especially your correct contact information and the date of your accident) and submit it for further consideration. Please provide us with all of the preliminary information listed in the form below about the accident and the injuries.
There is NO CHARGE for sending this information to our law firm. Please use the phone to contact us, or you may use email to initiate contact if you wish. If you choose to use email, please be warned that e-mail is 100% not reliable and cannot be expected to guarantee a timely delivery of your inquiry. Some email is lost altogether. Moreover, email may be intercepted in transit. Hence, if you submit an email and you do not receive a prompt response, please follow-up your email contact with a direct phone contact with our office at 808-524-5300, 808-671-7600 or 808-528-2525. Direct phone contact is available for all time critical communications. Sending email to our office does NOT retain us as your attorney. A free subsequent consultaion is required after submission of this form before the relationship of attorney & client may be established.

Please tell us if you are contacting Personal Injury Lawyer Network on behalf of someone other than yourself. Please submit your email after you are done composing it and Personal Injury Lawyer Network will contact you for a free, no obligation consultation. If the attorneys at Personal Injury Lawyer Network are not licensed in the jurisdiction where legal services are required, then we may refer you to an attorney in another jurisdiction or we may obtain co-counsel (with your consent) to work on your matter.

Please note that our privacy policy is available here for your consideration.


By filling out this form or sending an email to Personal Injury Lawyer Network, you acknowledge that this action does not retain anyone as your attorney nor does it obligate our office to perform any services on your behalf. Do not include confidential information in your initial email, since there may be a conflict of interest which prevents us from representing you or there may be some other reason that prevents us from providing you with assistance. Keep it general in your initial description of the accident. Only after a subsequent verbal communication can the relationship of attorney & client be established. Until that occurs, NO warranties, guaranties, promises or representations are made of any kind. Please do not use email for any time-sensitive communication- use the yellow pages, a lawyers' referral service or the internet and obtain the phone number(s) of a local attorney and call that local attorney immediately instead. As you know, email is frequently unreliable and subject to unexpected delays. If you do not receive a response to your email or form inquiry within a day or two, please resend your information as it may have been lost in transit - or please simply try another method to locate an attorney other than this website. Thank you.

After you submit your information by either means, you are encouraged to click here. We simply wish to express our gratitude to you for your use of



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Another NTLA Top 40 Under 40 member (like our own Amy Woodward) recently recovered a settlement of $23.5 million for the family of a couple hit head-on by a large commercial delivery truck that negligently swerved across the center line into oncoming traffic. The driver was a sales clerk who had no training driving commercial vehicles and should not have been behind the wheel of that truck. Burley v. Sassin (Brazoria County, Texas)

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