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  • California Personal Injury Attorney and Criminal Lawyer
    GARY C. ETO provides aggressive, professional representation throughout California for Personal Injury Claims and Criminal Defense - and he has been doing so for about 20 years.

  • California Car & Truck Accident Lawyers
    Rosenstein Law is a firm of Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers handling car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents, dog bites, other serious personal injuries and wrongful death.

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Future damages can be hard to prove in a personal injury case. But, nonetheless, the Hawaii courts hold that future damages may be awarded where there is competent medical testimony to demonstrate a future loss (such as a permanent injury or future complications, disability, limitations or pain and suffering). But supporting medical testimony is critical. "We have held that where the issue as to permanency of an injury or as to future pain or suffering is subjective in character, there must be competent expert opinion testimony as to the permanency of an injury or as to future pain and suffering before a jury may be permitted to consider such damages." Bachran v. Morishige, 469 P.2d 808, 813 (Haw. 1970)

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